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The story of Painting it and a Guide on how to paint yours
[Works on all controllers as far as I know :p]

All of my current PC controllers are black (least all the ones I've had and the 1 I do have) and I'll be recieveing a PSX>USB converter for my PC very soon and I bought it for my DDR Pad so that I may use it in Step Mania. I went ahead and bought a PSX controller for 7$ at blockbuster, it's your typical old school Gray PSX controller. I figured since it's ugly as sin and since all my controllers were black that I'd paint this one black...and so the adventure begins.

Picture 1 :: Top and Bottom 0f the controller + Paint

I disassembled the controller and prepared my paint board (It's a peice of an old desk I used to use). I bought Krylon's "Fusion" paint, designed espically for use on plastic. This one happens to be High Gloss black :). (It's not really that glossy).

Picture 2 :: Top and bottom of the controller + Paint 2

This particular kind of paint doesn't require sanding, however if you have some light scratches or emblems (like the Sony logo) and you want them removed, I'd suggest going ahead and getting some 400 Grit sandpaper and lightly sand the controller peices. I didn't sand this time around because I didn't feel like going out and getting Sand paper :p, not to mention I simply didn't care.

Now before you start painting, you should find something (like my board) to paint on top off, something you don't mind getting paint all over. You also should do this in a place that is well ventilated, like your garage with the garage door open, or outside. Before you go paint crazy, if you're painting out side, paint with the wind, not against it. Or just get behind something that'll keep the wind out of your way.

Now hold the nuzzle 6-8 inches above your controller, hold it about 3-4 inches away from the controller, and then start spraying, strafing your hand over the controller, over lapping it. Overlapping is GOOD!!! You need to do it so you get an even coat on the controller. Now make sure you paint a light (possibly medium) coat of paint.

Picture 3 :: Wet Paint Bottom

Picture 4 :: Wet Paint Bottom

Allow to dry for an hour. Now I'd normally suggest doing 1-2 more coats, but in my case I got lazy and only did the 1st one. And here are my results:

To me, thats a decent job considering I didn't want it to look too glossy or too dull. Others may want it to be really glossy so I'd suggest doing another 1-2 coats. REMEMBER, after applying your final coat, allow to dry at least overnight in a dry and well ventilated area. If you're going to be like me and only do 1 coat, you only need to let it dry for roughly 4-5 hours for it to be dried well enough so that you can touch it without putting finger prints into the paint. I may add another coat later (like when it stopps raining) and if I do I'll post my results here.

Happy Painting :).

Side note: I did actually paint another coat on later after I typed this up, it turned out looking really nice with a high gloss finish, so if you like glossy stuff, the 2nd coat is recommended.

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Neat. I spraypainted my laptop top cause it seemed to have weak paint in the first place (when I cleaned it with a damp cloth the paint started to come off onto the rag!). I first did it a silver with a clear blue over it, it looked real cool, but not what I wanted. Then I did it a white, but that didn't look right so I painted a black decal on it; I messed that up end ended up just painting the thing black. Looked real good, but it scuffed real easy and was "weird" to the touch.

Tell me how it fells after playing with it for a few hours. I'd assume it would start to fell sitcky or something. Oh yeah, can you post some pics of the final version? A little compairison of 1 to 2 cotes, it really does make a difference
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