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Pacman - Ghosts a Plenty

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Over the time I have spent travelling I did a few bits of sketching and photography work, from cosplay photos at a few events I saw, to sketching what can only be described as stunning scenery, japan is rather wonderfull, atm I am uploading the photos I took. But whilst I was travelling I saw so many games, and 'large' arcades (the small ones are dying off fast), I was reminded of the origons of gaming, and hence these 3 pictures done in 3D Studio Max R6, let me know what you make to them! :thumb: :evil:
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Nice , I must say i should love that shy yellow ghost at the back ;)
But normally i love blue color
I like the glassy look in the first pic and the glowing look in the third. They remind me of something from my childhood (besides pacman), but I can't think what....
Lite - Brite?

That's what the ones in the third one look like to me as very large lite-brite pieces with eyes...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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