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P64 rookie here, questions!!

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i just downloaded this great emulator and whenever i try playing a game the install screen goes on> i play a game and then when i close the screen and try to play again the same install screen goes again, like if its not installed. By the way i had problems with these 2 games:

Resident Evil 2 > The options screen in the start menu appears with lot of letters and blurry stuff and when the "intro" starts", a high disturbing sound goes on and the story narration is not understandable.

Bust a move 2 > the game is running way fast and dont know what to do with it.

Help plz!!!
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Project 64 should not have needed to be installed! If you went to the official Project 64 you should be able to download the lastest build which is a standalsone, meaning no installation. Try that... also I recommend you post your specs in your sig.
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