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p4 with vgs yet?

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hey does vgs work with a pentium 4 yet? seeya. from fsc
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From what I can remember, I dont think any version of VGS works with a Pentium 4 or Windows NT/2k (I think Aldo Vargus managed to get VGS working in WinNT using Virtual PC mind you), and now that Sony have bought the product (or whatever), I dont think that we are likely to see another update to it. :)
I think it say it's designed for Pentium class II computers when you try to run it, it doesn't seem to recognise that a Pentium 4 exists IIRC.
it just wont

no version will it just wont. its probably vgs;s way out of gettin sued bye eventually it wont work for people unless the never upgrade thier pc lol

answer my q not his he should post another thread :-(
VGS now works with P4

Well, I haven't tested it, but there is a patch in Aldo's page:

If they only could make it run under Win2k... ;)
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