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change log

- LDChen is currently working on a free psx emu for PDAs,
called FPSEce (check out for more infos),
and of course one of his biggest concerns is speed.
Therefore he improved the ADSR handling speed of the
P.E.Op.S. sound plugin... dunno if PC users will also
note a speed difference, give it a try.
- LDChen also suggested to change some global variable
handling for improving the speed of his port, so Pete
adjusted a lotta functions... hopefully it will help
as well :)
- LDChen noticed that Crash Team Racing used a SPU IRQ
address inside the decoded sound buffer area. Well, it
seems that ePSXe has its own way to handle such IRQs, but
other emus may need support from the spu plugin, so Pete
added a new option called "Handle IRQs in decoded sound
buffer areas". Suggestion: at least turn it on if you are
not using ePSXe, or if you're encountering special problems,
like a game locking up. There is no guarantee that the
option will fix your problem (after all, CTR is the only
known game with such IRQs right now), but who knows...
get it here

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Prafull said:
Wait !!! I am 101 % sure that elly posted it after this one (coz when he posted it I was talking to him on irc). How can his posting time be earlier than gamezonline?:???:
i have no idea dude, that's just the way it is.
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