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Hi to all emu fans. I'm using ePSXe 1.6 with ePSXeCutor ePSXe's native W2k CDR plugin performed very well without glitches. I decided to try P.E.Op.S (man, I hate these names) CDR plugin(latest version), and I was dissapointed.

The testing game was Eternal Eyes original. Here's the problem. When my characters use magic, which creates fancy graphical effects, native W2k plugin instantly spins up CD drive and instantly loads necessary files for those effects without glitches(loading isn't noticable). P.E.Op.S(Pete, I hate you! :)), however, spins up CD drive very slowly, and the result is 4-5 second glitch 'till the graphical effects for magic show up.

My configuration is fancy IBM laptop(yup, sue me for being a geek) with an integrated ultrabay type CD drive. OS is, of course, WXP. Laptop is a decent configuration and is strong enough for ePSXe(runs games on 50fps on 1024x768 and high graphical settings).

And the most important: how did I set up Pete's CDR plugin(tired of typing Peops with dots :))

Interface: W2k/XP IOCTL scsi coms
Read mode: BE_2 (determined w/ auto detection)
Caching mode: tried read ahead, async read and thread read
Use additional 4 mb cache: [×] (check :D)
Speed limit and don't wait till drive is ready are off.
Retries on error are set to 10.
PPF patch files aren't used.
I've created a .SBI subchannel file just to be sure.

I'm not so experienced in this, so could anyone help me how to config this? Thank you.


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Don't worry about the typing, most folks use peops as shorthand anyways ;).

Pardon my ignorance, but I'd say this is a case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Is there a specific reason why you have to use peops? If not, and you find that the internal cdr works better on you machine then just use that one. That's the beauty of the plugin system.

Alternatively if yiou really have to switch to something, try either xeven's or sapu's cdr plugin. These autoconfigure themselves to suit your machine.
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