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Only few days after the <a href="" TARGET="_blank">P.E.Op.S project</a> (short : Peops, sounds much easier anyway :)) has been started, first progress is already being made, and lots more of features have been added into this plugin. Here's the list of changes for version 1.2 :<ul><li>Avi recording funcs by Darko Matesic (Windows version only). You can start/stop the recording using a configurable hotkey. The movie files will be stored into the \Demo sub-directory.
<li>Nasm support by linuzappz. That's important for the Linux version, the same asm code can finally be used in the Windows and Linux plugin (and hopefully a small speedup will show up in the Linux version).
<li>SDL support and FPSE layer (just for the FPSE ports) by lu_zero. The FPSE/SDL Linux port ( has been added into the release archive. Now we can have many more portable version. The makefile has to be fixed again =/ The FPSE layer for Win32 isn't ready yet.</ul>Some functions sound familiar from somewhere already ... :) Anyway, let's get to the downloads. For end users, we re-packed the plugin and made a ZIP without the source, which saves you about 200 KB, get that file <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">from here</a>. For all developers and people who'd like to learn more about these plugins, the full version including the source code is available <a href="/psx/plugins/win32/gpu/">from here</a> (thanks Pete for permission to re-pack it !).
For more infos about this project, make sure to check out <a href="" TARGET="_blank">it's homepage</a> over at SourceForge !
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