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I don't think the old pentium motherboards have softFSB. You might have to do it manually through jumpers, which I don't have any experience with (I distinctly remember something about jumper 11??). Back when I had my old Pentium 100 my friend came over and overclocked it to 120. That extra speed really helped for 3D gaming :), but didn't do anything for Windows. :(

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nah, today we removed the linux partitions and formated the HD.. ehehe, this will be fun, maybe i can melt the cooler mwaha...

uh, the problem is that he doesnt have the Mobo's instruction book, so its kinda a shot in the dark...

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To Neojag

Most of mobo´s have their number(model) printed on it
its easy to find the manual over the net
i did this once, with my old pentium 233 MMX, the mobo was a asus, but i didnt have the manual, so i looked and found some numbers and letters
put this in a search engine like google or altavista
hope it helps
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