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Overclock geoforce 2mx

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Just wondering what is the safest speed to overclock my geoforce to considering that i've got no fan on it or any seperate cooling system besides the one that came with my comp(a dell dimension series) Should there be noticeable gains from overclocking??
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You can check your overclocking results using the 3dMark2001 benchmark. I would recommend only incrementing in small steps. When you have overclocked it too much, 3dMark2001 may lock up, or you may start getting graphics glitches, at this point I would knock the speed back again a small bit. I would run the benchmark again and again, just to stress test the graphics card to make sure it is stable. You may consider getting an additional fan and bolt it to your graphics card heatsink, or place a temperature probe in there also so you can keep track of the operating temperature.
Just make sure you have some decent cooling system and a thermal detector 4 your card - can go at least 200MHz +
Don't base your overclocking on this, but just to give an idea, I've had my TNT2 running stabily for about a year being overclocked.
It was at 183mhz memory, and 150 mhz engine. Now its at 212mhz memory and 162 mhz engine. If you have a card with DDR ram then your memory speed will be way above mine. Your engine clock should also be above mine. I think it'd be worth it to get a small fan for your card. And like UncleClive said only increase 1 or 2 mhz at a time then test it repeatedly.:dead:
If you are going to over clock, i would definatly put a fan on it... I have my MX car overclock to 210mhz CPU/210mhz Memory... And has been like that for a while... The tempeture stays at about 110 degrees F.

But my card came with a cooling fan and a heat sensor... So you might want to look into one for yours, like stated above..
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