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Over 350 animals found in one home

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Over 350 animals found in one home

LONDON (Reuters) - British animal welfare inspectors said on Tuesday they had cautioned two people after finding more than 350 animals in one residential house in eastern England.
The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) said its inspectors had discovered 131 dogs, 48 cats, 80 rabbits and 86 guinea pigs at the house in Cromer, Norfolk.

The premises were described as cramped and unhygienic and the RSPCA said some of the animals were in such a bad condition it was likely they would be destroyed.

RSPCA Superintendent Tim Wass said the case showed that advice their officers gave the public was often ignored and a change in the law was needed to allow them to take action before an animal actually suffered.

"In this case, we visited the address previously and had given advice relating to conditions found at the time. Sadly, it seems that advice was not heeded," he said.

On Friday a woman who the RSPCA found keeping 271 pets in her home in appalling conditions was jailed for three months for animal cruelty.
I forsee a debate on animal creulty which changes to sentience and so forth
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Poor animals... I wonder though how the hell those guinea pigs survived. With that amount of cats (they rarely leave guinea pigs alone) they should get a heartattack or something.
I wonder what goes on in the mind of a person who keeps 350 animals at home (and in poor condition). There’re really disturbed people out there :???:
Tulac said:
What's this guy, Ace Ventura?

No way! Ace Venture did take a good care of his animals. :thumb: This batard didnt.

God i loved that movie. :lol:
eh... when I have about 10 pets before in my house its already hard to take care of them all (eating, bathing and spending time to play with your pet) but having 350 is just insane and cruel... poor animals...
crazy stuff, I thought you where playing us as fools and it really was a farm, not a home.
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