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OS X 10.3 freezes

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Ok, we use imac and emacs at school running OSX 10.3 and on occasion they will freeze. After a restart, they come up with the "prohibitory" sign. The best way ive seen to fix it is to repair permissions (usually quite a few changes get made) and repair the HD. I was wondering if there were any mac ppl here who could give me some troubleshooting tips on whats causing the freezing in the first place.
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The freezing problem is probably due to bad hardware. Or someone really doen't like mac and screwed around with it. Is there any certain thing causing this freeze to happen, or does it just kinda freeze after a while.
I dont think its bad hardware, although i wouldnt be supprised if permissions are getting corrupted. The only thing that i can think of that would go bad is HDs, they see LOTs of writing and reading (umm about a gig a day to the server). I cant really find any common link to the problem aside from the freezing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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