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ok, it goes like this, i was talking to Scar_T on msn and suddenly i started to talk about TV series and end up writing a original story with TV names, so he convinved me to publish 'em somewhere, anywhere here they are:

first one was kind of expontaneous so went wuite good actually:
i LOST ER so ill make a PRISON BREAK, perhaps the NCIS team will help me so the CSI wont find me, i may go to LAS VEGAS, or should be wiser to go to a SMALL VILLE, maybe a FAMILY GUY there will take me to his HOUSE, and kick out his DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES cause he felt CHARMED because of me, or maybe i should go to THE O.C. and make NIP/TUCK surgery and maybe change my GREY's ANATOMY. yeah, thats it and then ill be able to make a REUNION in less than 24 hours to go to 7TH HEAVEN, but no wait, that should be just too SUPERNATURAL to handle im sure an ALIAS would help me, and maybe end up saying MY NAME IS EARL so i wont get into an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT
ok, inconcluse inconcise, but hey i liked it, i kinda didnt know what else to say when i began to think of gilmore girls & buffy/angel & joey X-D

the second one well, not expontaneous kinda took me like 15 mins cauze i wrote it thinking of Classical movies mostly, and didnt went too well anyway, take a look:
the other day i woke up in THE APARTMENT, wierd thing is when i went out i saw this wierd CASABLANCA front of mine, except there didnt use to be any before, in fact it didnt seem it was MANHATTAN anymore, i went to the house next door to see if ROSEMARY'S BABY or rosemary where still there, what i found was a WILD BUNCH, i wanted to DIE so HARD, but there was no MYSTIC RIVER to jump to. THE THING i did next was try to wake up my GLADIATOR, but he seemed to be so confortable that seemed like he was in a TOY STORY while sleeping, so i thought this was a dream and tried to went to sleep again and opened my window so this would all be GONE WITH THE WIND.

next morning i wake up and i was in the HOTEL RWANDA, i went ut and saw FOUR ROOMS i pannicked and went out to call a TAXI DRIVER, i went in the car and saw the driver's name was SHREK which seemed an old name, that made me think i was still dreaming so to enjoy it i thought of going BACK TO THE FUTURE but my SIXTH SENSE told me it wasnt the BIG SLEEP i was in, i went out of the taxi and started a BLADE RUNNER throu the city and saw some runer called FORREST that was running from some STRANGERS ON A TRAIN they finally caught him ON THE WATERFRONT, and gave him THE STING cause he was their GREAT ESCAPE, so i RAN from there until i saw a CRASH that gave gave the CITY LIGHTS a hard time cauze THE SHINNING from the crash was too bright.

woke up again, saw THE THIRD MAN from this dream he said his name was LEON but more than that he didnt seem great in THE CONVERSATION, he seemed to have a BRAVEHEARTH and was a PIANIST when he was not on a PATH OF GLORY thinking the APOCALYPSE was NOW he gave me this big VERTIGO feeling, but also called me an AMERICAN BEAUTY which made me think he was a total PSYCHO then i gave him THE SILENT OF THE LAMBS when he called me GLORY which made me think, that for a dream this wasnt a STRAIGHT STORY and seemed more like a SCARY MOVIE, so i played a CHARADE for him and was able to escape on the SIDEWAYS, a lady came to me telling me the man was not crazy and was just LOST IN TRANSLATION then THE LADY VANISHES, i start feeling HEAT and woke up again.

i remember now, i am in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA also i remember i am IN AMERICA, i swear to god i'll never eat anything that says MONSTERS INC. in the cans again, next time i better dont leave BRAZIL for the better
ok, quite bad huh? so let me know what u think and post some of ur own :p

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LOL at the first one.

I just read that again and I like it more and more XD. I hope you finally decide to extend your story in order to include the series you left aside ;)

And for the second one I loved Monster Inc. part, that was suberb :D. Although this is a litle unclear (hey, you were dreaming 4 times :D) I really like it ^^.

I'm looking forward for the next part of the story ;)

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