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Original PS2 CD won't work?

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Hi guys, I just downloaded and installed my bios on your guys's software for PC, and when I put in my FFX orginal CD it says its not a usable cd/dvd image. Is there any way to make this work with the orginal cd? Its kinda ironic that I would want to use it on my laptop, but I would like to actaully bring my computer to school and be playing ffx on it, and save games also. Would be sweet. That is, if you guys have ffx running on this emu yet ;).but anyways guys, its looking very promising so far!
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WHAT do you mean by 'downloaded' your bios? If you mean that you downloaded it from internet not downloaded/ripped it form your PS2 console this thread will be closed, also PCSX2 doesn't play any commertial game (well... if it shows something, it won't be at decent speed that you could play it) and read our board RULES !!!
Sorry. Meant to say upload.. however it is, transfer, upload, download. I get them mixed up. but I have my ps2 modded, and I transfered it from there.. and I had an idea that the ffx game would not work yet, that is why I just commented on it in my post, and the last post about ffx was last year, around Nov if Im not mistaking =/, no nead to wig out? there a need to bold and capital? =/ but anyways, keep up the good work... lol here is my computer specs just for fun

Intel P4 3.0 Ghz
1 GB dual Channel Ram
160 GB HD
Geforce 6800 GT Slightly oh so slightly oc'd
bolds and capitals are becouse we get such questions almost every day, and that's just waist of server space, most of (almost all) newcomers don't care about reading this or this... and that's realy annoying...
when I put in my FFX orginal CD it says its not a usable cd/dvd image
thats because youve got a cdvdbin plugin selected, you dont use that with real dvd's

you need to download Peops cdvd plugin to use proper dvds
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