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original 500mhz vs celeron 667

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can any body tell me which is the best. either 500mhz or 667 celeron runs epsxe betteri want to buy 500mhz original in place of 667mhz celeron.for the reason that original has more cache size than celeron.and it is almost twice faster than celeron more thing which is strange that my sound blaster live value card was running with 667mhz celeron perfect when i bought it.but now it is not installing.but when oringinal 500mhz processor was used my sound blaster was easily installed on my pc.what is going on and it is the main reason i am changing my processor.
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celeron sucks - get a real processor : Pentium III Coppermine or Athlon TBird

even Duron is much much better than any Celeron
These few benchmarks may guide you to take more wise decision

it's between CELERON vs DURON - (i'm showing you the value class processors benchmark. The Higher class processors - P4, PIII, TBird - will lead all these points easily)

see? How Duron outperforms Celeron - even a lousy Duron 600 takes the leads over Celeron 800

both images taken from AnandTech
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the Battle of the Bulge - Clash of the Titans

Pentium 4, PIII, TBird

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