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original 500mhz vs celeron 667

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can any body tell me which is the best. either 500mhz or 667 celeron runs epsxe betteri want to buy 500mhz original in place of 667mhz celeron.for the reason that original has more cache size than celeron.and it is almost twice faster than celeron more thing which is strange that my sound blaster live value card was running with 667mhz celeron perfect when i bought it.but now it is not installing.but when oringinal 500mhz processor was used my sound blaster was easily installed on my pc.what is going on and it is the main reason i am changing my processor.
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Well the pentiums are always faster then celerons.I checked at Intel site and they say that Pentiums play 3d games way better then celerons.A P-III 555mhz is better then a celeron 933mhz
trust me.
Oh man what a heck problem......okay let me think what U mean.The problem is not in the Processor thats for motherboard.......your PCI slot is okay as you say that U donot get the error on new drivers.......pkay two things the thridone is that your software I would ask you one think are U using a final version of windows or not.Like I am using windows second edition final version.SOme times this is the problem.And one more things have you done something with you motherboard BIOS,because when you are fingering with the BIOS then such error come.One more thing SBlive is a full duplex card and it works fine will all of the chats and phones.So the choppy voice is due to busted ISP.

Well if you are getting problems problems and problems then tell me where U live in Pakistan.I will give you my driver CD of SBlive!........That will sort things out.

Thats all I can do for you Brother.........:)

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Well.........Im.......out of the way I Live in Islamabad............!hm..............let me think more.........!
Originally posted by vivrantpig
hmmmm...... well i have on question... how high do u think i can safely overclock my celeron 900??? and wut cpu changes fan etc do i need to do to prepare it?? thx :)
The intel celeron processors which are obove 700 have the ability to be over clocked for upto 15 percent more. As the heating is concerned well U will need a new heatsink and fan since the one already on it is very small and cannot give you a good help in over clocking.

If you overclock a celeron, U have 900........hmm........don'y go obove 1.1 ghz..........well thats high too.......!

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