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original 500mhz vs celeron 667

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can any body tell me which is the best. either 500mhz or 667 celeron runs epsxe betteri want to buy 500mhz original in place of 667mhz celeron.for the reason that original has more cache size than celeron.and it is almost twice faster than celeron more thing which is strange that my sound blaster live value card was running with 667mhz celeron perfect when i bought it.but now it is not installing.but when oringinal 500mhz processor was used my sound blaster was easily installed on my pc.what is going on and it is the main reason i am changing my processor.
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The original Celerons were good processors (equal to the Pentium 2 processors) but the newer ones blow. They're nothing compared to their big brother, the Pentium 3 Coppermine, although they're based on the same design. Of course this is not to say that the newer Celerons are worse than the older Celerons, they just don't perform nearly as well as they should. I think the main limiting factor is the front side bus (66 Mhz) and although Intel recently bumped them up to 100 it still pales in comparison to the P3 and Athlon. Right now the Durons are the best and cheapest value processors you can get. If you're looking to get an upgrade for your current system then I say go for the newer Celerons, provided that your mobo chipset can handle them. They're clocked higher and are faster than the older models and based on a smaller die (0.18 micron as opposed to 0.25) which means less heat, less power consumption and more speed potential (overclock :)) and the newer Celeries have SSE technology, which has proven to work miracles for photoshop rendering.

liaqatali posted: A P-III 555mhz is better then a celeron 933mhz trust me.

Actually the P3 555 processors were based on the old Katmai design, not the newer Coppermine design. A Celeron 933 would blow the P3 out of the water. A P3 Coppermine can easily take the Celeron to school though.
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