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options and plugins for Final Fantasy IX

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Which Options and Plugins need I to play Final Fantasy IX(PAL)? I hope you can give me a list of all options which shoult enable and disable!

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Nope, i am running the german/pal version of FFIX on ePSXe
and it runns perfectly. I posted a thread about how i configured it earlyier. Just search the forum. :)
Do you use the German Patch to play Final Fantasy IX? I have read about to make an Image of this game with CDRWIN. Has anybody this programm? How do I use the Patch?
You can find the patch for FFIX at in the PSX section.
You´ll have to make an CDRWin image of each disc and then apply the patch to the images using a tool you can find there too. :)
ViVi Dude I think that you meant that FFIX PAL UK doesn't work which is indeed true. Unfortunately this is the version I have gosh darn it.
How can I make CDRWin images? Has anybody a Programm to make CDRWin images?
>Has anybody a Programm to make CDRWin images?
You use CDRWin to make CDRWin images ;) Well, technically that's incorrect, as it can create both ISOs and .bin/.cue files. You can find CDRWin at
I have know Images from each CD, but what should I do with the patch?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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