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'sup bros!

I want to search for items in FF8 while I sleep or do something other than playing FF8 on my computer. I figured out, that taking the FPS limiter off will speed things up considerably. Though I cannot get FF8 to work without sound activated, which hinders all other activities on my PC.

To get it to run without sound would be my #1 priority, because it would allow me to search while watching shows and raiding ulduar, as soon as 3.1 hits :>. I would assume it would also speed the process up even more, since epsxe could devote more resources to the game itself.

I use PEC, the cheating device, to invicible rinoa permanently to avoid Angelo Rush. I guess I could use silence and blind for that too, but blind isn't 100%, is it? (or if you know how to delete Angelo Rush from the list of Rinoa's abilities, that would be great). I put PEC refresh rate at 40%, which is a drain on my resources too, so deleting Angelo Rush alltogether would be ideal.

And finally, how can one speed the game up even more after taking off the FPS limit? Is there a preferred plugin with a dedicated function for that out there maybe.

€: here is my system configuration

CPU: core2duo E8400 @3ghz
Main: P5Q-E
Vcard: Radeon 4870 1gb
RAM: 4gb dualkit
Sound: X-Fi Soundblaster Xtreme Music Edition
Input: DualShock3 connected over an USB port

I'm using ePSXe 1.7.0

Thanks in advance! <3
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