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Plugin: Petes OpenGL2, latest version

When I play some games, there are little icons in the upper right hand corner of the FPS display. They range from half moons to little dice. One looks like a monster from an old DOS game i used to play. Does anyone know what these little icons mean? I'll upload a picture later if nobody knows what I'm talking about.

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They are various information about hte state of settings in the plugin.
The rounded off square on the left with a speckeld filling tells you if FB access is being invoked. The others? I dunno. In Pete's OpenGL 1.x 2 of the icons showed if Advanced Blending and mask bit were on, but OpenGL 2.x doesn't use them. I'd suggest they are for Pete to debug the plugin.

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pete_ogl2_readme_2_06.txt said:
How it works: Hit <DEL> and the Framerate und the menu will appear. It
looks like: 'FPS XXXX.X FL< FS OD FI SF SL FU FE GF [] % ( * 2x Ax'

What does it all mean? Here's the legend:

FPS: frames per second, higher means better... up to 50/60 fps at least :)
FL : Frame rate limiter (none, manual, auto-detect)
FS : Frame skipping
OD : Offscreen drawing (none, standard, extended)
FI : Filtering (none, standard, extended, std without sprites, ext w/o sprites, std+smoothed sprites, ext+smoothed sprites)
SF : Screen filtering
SL : (Optional) shader level (off, minimum, more, medium, maximum)
FU : Framebuffer uploads (minimum, standard, full)
FE : Framebuffer effects (none, minimum, standard, full)
GF : Special game fixes
[] : Framebuffer effects are emulated right now (or "full framebuffer effects" are enabled)
% : Pixel shaders are used to emulate psx texture windows
( : Moon: 100% perfect subtract blending
* : Shining sun... Advanced blending is activated and supported nicely with your card
2x : 2xSaI hi-res textures
A/D/G/Mx : Analog/Digital/Gun/Mouse mode and pad number. If the main can tell the gpu the pad mode, the proper info will get displayed
< : Arrow for selecting
Hope this answers your question :p.
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