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OpenGL problems

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Ok, I have some problems whenever I run a OpenGL program in Fullscreen mode. It's has some sort of glitch where the rgb kinda "seperates" and creates like 2 or 3 images where one is red and the other is blue. I have attached some pics below. Take a look. The only good thing about this glitch is that I can put on some 3D glasses and it will look 3D. The real reason why I have a problem with that is because it causes a MASSIVE slowdown in my games (particularly Doom 3 and Quake). This sucks. Any ideas? My PC specs are below (PC #1). Thanks.

EDIT: in windowed mode, everything is ok but still slow. And some OpenGL apps like Snes9X GL won'r run at all :hdbash:
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I-Chan said:
And why does this belong to open discussion? This is definitely a software issue. Have you tried reinstalling your gfx card's drivers?
Sorry, I didn't know whether if it was hardware or software. I tried re installing my drivers and it still looks the same.
Try changing the colour depth. Try using the same colour depth and/or resolution you normally use on your desktop. Hopefully that will help
Tried it, didn't work.
You haven't perchance accidentaly installed the nVidia Stereo3D drivers?
I'm not sure if I installed that or not.
Yeah, it looks like you've installed nVidia's stereoscopic drivers on accident.. try uninstalling them via add/remove.

Or put on a set of cereal box red/cyan glasses and get a bit more immersion.
So far that's the only thing I can do for a decent picture. Only Doom 3 is screwed up either way :mad:
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