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OpenGL plugin locks up on exit?

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Whenever I try to exit using Pete's OpenGL plugin (via esc), the frame doesn't disappear.

The computer isn't frozen, I can still actually interact with my computer, but can't see anything but the emulation screen. Nothing i've tried can clear it.

I have a geforce 2 GTS, using Pete's OpenGL 1.38, although I've noticed this since way back, but never thought much of it because I normally just use the D3D plugin.

[ 944 mhz athlon, sb live, 256 megs of ram ]

I've tried different configurations of the plugin, but nothing seems to fix the problem. It occurs in all the games I've tried, however sometimes it'll go away like normal, like there isn't any bugs.

Tried it on win ME and XP. I'm about to try the latest WHQL nvida drivers, 7.58, but 6.50 is still the ones that are on nvidas site, and I get better benchmarks tests on I hope that isn't the problem. =)

Anyone have any ideas? Just a stupid mistake in my config possibly?
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Hmm... version 1.38... try updating to 1.48 first... your .10 versions behind ;)
I meant .48, sorry. ;)

Using the "new" driver version seems to fix the problem, but there is a performance decrease. -.-
Yeah performance decreases sucks, but the newer (albeit "beta") drivers have a problem with the perfICD for openGL...
The same thing is happening to me, i also have grforce 2 and 6,50 drivers.
Have you tried with d3d plugin?
Yups, I have, and they work fine with no problems, but do look worse then the OpenGL drivers.

Try the 7.58 drivers, they fix the problem, and they are WHQL certified if being not WHQL certified worries you at all, you can get 'em at =)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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