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OpenGL and AH3650 video card

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A couple of days ago I bought the Asus AH3650 Silent AGP video card. This is the most recent AGP Radeon type card I could get hold of.

The problem is that even if DirectX works fine, I can't use OpenGL applications. OGL query tools identify the video renderer as 'GDI generic' and card's vendor as "Microsoft Corporation" which is very bad. To experiment I installed Windows XP (SP2) on a new partition a couple of times, downloaded some older Asus drivers, tried to install the most recent AMD drivers - nothing worked so far. OpenGL games don't work.

But depending on the driver supplier, the results differ. AMD drivers usually make OGL apps crash either producing exceptions or "Context creation errors" (don't know what that means though).

I have a Pentium IV 2.66 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, my primary OS is Windows XP (SP3).

If you have any idea what I can do in this situation, please don't keep it a secret.
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I unistalled the Asus drivers completely using Driver Sweeper utility in VGA mode. I deleted everything manually that the Sweeper couldn't handle. Then I rebooted and installed this package: Catalyst AGP Hotfix - Radeon HD 3000 and Radeon HD 2000 Series AGP products

The system works normally, but OpenGL applications crash producing errors stating that "the other memory is probably corrupt" and then "Context creation error".


Edit: forgot to mention that the same drivers work perfectly under Ubuntu.
Can you post some screenshots of Realtek VR's opengl extension viewer.
It won't launch. It produces a Memory access exception and Context creation error.

As for the other solution, I'll check this evening. I think I remember having seen this entry in the registry.
Well, it seems like in my current installation ATKOGL32.dll is nowhere to be found.

The last two hours I was experimenting a bit and found out that is was possible to replace the OGL driver (atioglxx.dll). I gathered a bunch of them, but there is only one that works so that OGL apps don't crash. Nothing promising though. I've attached a screenshot of what I see in Realtek VR OGL viewer.
I did check the key, and it's not there. And deleting the registry entry doesn't help. It reinstalls together with a new driver installation.
There is nothing under Add/remove programs containing "Asus" name.
try reading through there for the registry value, I'm sure it was atioglxx.dll
Yes, this is the ATI OGL driver. Unfortunately, knowing it doesn't help a lot.
OK, I'll contact you as soon as I'm back home.
Since I did not find any solution, I brought the card back to the seller... It's very sad that the choice of AGP cards is minimal these days.

I'm looking for a new card, and a possible candidate could be GF 7600, but I'm not sure if it's worth my investment.
You did, but by that time I had a serious problem with my ISP. As for the card seller, it took 2 weeks for them to decide they could do nothing but pay me back.

For some reason drivers in Asus site are obsolete, newer ones were furnished in a CD. This could mean they dropped support for that card together with OpenGL. I'm thinking about the same AGP card manufactured by Club 3D. Fingers crossed...
Gigabyte and sapphire are equal
Guys, it's going to be neither Gigabyte nor Sapphire, I was just looking OpenGL related complaints with the card numbered "4670".

If I understand well, this guy bought one of the cards and didn't have any substancial problems with OpenGL.

I have already ordered a Club 3D Radeon HD 4670 AGP card. I will definitely cancel the order if I get information about OpenGL not working under WindowsXP.

But my journey into OpenGL world continues...

My current card is Club 3D Radeon 9600 Pro. Driver which is provided with the card version is 8.0. Realtek's OpenGL tool says the card works with OpenGL v1.5. Comparison of ATI graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says this card is supposed to work with OGL v2.0 I assumed something's wrong with the drivers. Tried to install the latest ones (v9.3). This completely eliminated any 3D support. The same driver in Linux converts login screen into garbage which is only possible to remedy reinstalling the system. Tried another version, like 8.12. Now Realtek's OGL tool produces exceptions, but shows info screen without any info. OpenGL apps work fine though.

I have observed multiple times how people offer to resolve graphics related problems: „Install the latest drivers“. Ridiculously this often is a requirement for commercial games. I've had 3 video cards during the last 6 years and NONE of them allowed me to update drivers without losing functionality.
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So I finally bought this Club 3D Radeon HD 4670 AGP card, and it didn't solve my problems. The symptoms are almost identical. I couldn't even try it under Ubuntu, because out of curiosity I allowed the system to install the ATI drivers automatically and it freezed the login screen. The only option is to reinstall the system.

I didn't reinstall Windows, I will try it under a new partition, but I almost completely sure it will be of no use.

DirectX games run like charm.

Those who are familiar with Pete's plugins for PSX emulation, look what they produce:

Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9
Author: Pete Bernert
Card vendor: (null)
GFX card: (null)

This never happened before.

The sad thing is, I have absolutely no knowledge about OpenGL - how it works and what it does.
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Then why did you buy another ATI card when your previous one failed to work and when everybody says ATI cards have issues with OpenGL?
Because there are thousands of people in the world who use ATI cards that have no problems whatsoever.

Because there are people even in this forum who use a cimilar card I bought and who claim to have no issues with it.

On top of that you're running Linux as well, and ATI drivers have MASSIVE issues with Linux.
You're wrong with that one. I put in several hours this night to reinstall my Ubuntu. OpenGL games never worked better in this system. I have a full 3D acceleration with this card (you can't do much about it since there are no games for linux unless Wine works as in the case of Doom3, but that's another story).

Why didn't you cancel the order and just get a 7600GT?
Because 7600GT was not really a necessary upgrade (especially in comparison with what I got now and what I had before), because I didn't see any people complaining about a similar card I purchased.
Cairo Dock wouldn't even zoom icons without stuttering.
I can't say anything about desktop effects. Currently I have major issues with Compiz no matter which card is installed, and it never works as it should. Metacity is very ugly, but the most compatible and best option in this case. The latter enabled, I can even watch Youtube-like videos under Ubuntu in much higher than 3 fps rate, which is a new thing for me.
In case someone looks for a solution of a similar problem, I'll post one hear.

All this stuff happened for me under Windows, because I didn't update my motherboard drivers so that they fully support AGP cards. In fact, motherboard related solution was the last one I was about to consider since my motherboard used to work without special steps absolutely fine with every system I installed on my PC during last 6 years.
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