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Open with (recommended programs) in context menu

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Heya, before formatting, I had a cool feature that was enabled, but I don't even remember how I did cause I've never got to reinstall windows XP that last 2 years.

Little explanation:
When you right-click a file, you have the cotext menu, and in some cases,
we can see an "Open with..." option. When we click it, there's a list of random apps at the bottom, and "Recommended" ones on top. As you know, recommended ones are often those we succesfully used with a certain file type.
The feature I'm talking about is a new option in the context menu that
expands and shows all the recommended apps that usually are in the "Open with...".

It's very useful when we often have to open a file with different apps quickly.
Like opening an AVI in Virtualdubmod, modifying and saving it, then test it in WMP.

I'd like to know how to get this feature back. X-setup doesn't seem to have
it, or it's well hidden.

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I think if you select the program and successfully open the file, it will add the program to the reccomended list. I had my "open with" menu on by default, or else I forgot too.
Yeah, but what I'm talking about is a submenu that's IN the context menu, not a panel

The one I need is the bottom pic, ATM I only have "Open With ..." (the one that makes a panel pop up)

Of course the advice I could find on the page didn't work
As you add apps to open things with they are added to the menu...
For example if you hilight a text file, shift + right click the file you can select open with, choose word/notepad/(any other text editor) and open the file...then if you repeat and do the same opening it with a different text editor it will be added to the menu list...
So if you first open it with word, then open it with wordpad, on the third try both word and wordpad will be in the menu....
The feature is more just windows remembering what will open which file extensions...
I know how it works, but even with this way, the "Open with |>" ( "|>" = arrow)
doesn't show in the list

EDIT: After a few registry tweaks, I got it to show, but it's in french and at the very bottom of the menu :(

Any way to place it where it should be?
which reg hacks??
list them I will compare my registry and see what I can find
I didn't hack anything, I just removed useless stuff, and the OpenWithList reappeared, in FR and misplaced
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