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Open Canvas 3.06E plus Help

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I was told that the Emuforums were a great place to get computer help. So have a question about an error I have been getting in Open Canvas ever since I got a computer with Windows XP.

On my old computer (Windows 98 S.E.) Open Canvas worked fine. On this computer, if I save (either with the default file type: *.oci or with Photoshop file type *.psd) I sometimes get an error saying "**!! bad command or Data !!**". I have tried running it in Window ME/98 mode, but that doesn't solve anything.

Any and all help is appreceated, Thank you.

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I tried to reproduce your error with 3.06E Plus Trial, but I wasn't able to reproduce it at all.

I checked their FAQs and found something similar to your problem:
3.6 The "badstatus" error appears when saving images.

When oC3 is started for the first time some difficulties are occurred in some cases.
Please contact us if this happened.
this place will be much better to ask your question:

Also there are a ton of better free alternatives out there....Paint.NET is one of them....including GIMP and PhotoFiltre
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