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Help? Anyone? The ePSXe authors are apparently unreachable; I can't contact them by email, and the EFnet channel is fairly dead.

I keep getting this error at a particular point of the game GUNNM: Martian Memory. The exact error varies just slightly. Here's an example:

Opcode 3c UNK <PC 6364,73>

The last seven digits seem to change; I'm not sure why. I've also had:

6342, 65
6290, 73
6222, 55
6194, 65

I'm using Pete's plugins for graphics, sound, and CD-ROM. I will note that I have tried -every- conceivable option in every conceivable configuration; the only difference I note is that sometimes it hangs, and sometimes it hangs and I get the error in the DOS message box.

So! Mostly what I'm asking is, what the heck does this error message mean? I've been wanting to play this thing for a month now, and I cannot work around this error.

Ah, before I forget.. it's happening about twenty minutes in the game. For those that have played it.. it happens when Gally is going to register as a Hunter Warrior. y'know the little alleyway that's blocked during the first day, and then during the night you follow Ido to it, and then the next day after the first battle you go through there again? That's where it's hanging. The little chip/loading icon spins, and then just dies.

So really, any help at all would be incredibly appretiated. I do -not- have a modded Playstation, and it's a 9001 model so I can't use a modplug. That's why I'm using an emulator. ;) So I have no way to test it on something else. Please please -please- someone enlighten me. =(


It sounds like your CD Drive is having trouble reading the CD. I get the same sort of thing w/my DVD and Gauntlet Legends. But my CD Writer does just fine. If that is the case and it is a CD read error, there isn't much that can be done. If it isn't a CD read error, then I'm not sure what the problem may be. Maybe copy protection (like FF 9 PAL UK).
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