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Ootake v2.17 released!

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2009/09/27 2.17 released
- The play processing of the sound is corrected and has been improved. I
think that tone quality improved (chiefly CDDA and ADPCM sound source)
though it is likely to depend on the environment.
- The balance of the volume was straightened again.
- The speed and timing were brought close to the movement of a real machine.
In "Puzzle Boy", when the course was cleared, the problem that the staff
roll display is not correctly displayed was solved.
- When "Dungeon Explorer II" is started, a part of CD access timing is
brought close to a real machine (a little slow). The problem that the
screen occasionally fell into disorder in the visual scene was solved.
And, the gap of the sound was solved. *In this game, the CD installation (
"CDROM->Install" menu) is recommended for the stability operation.
- In "Nemurenuyoru no Chiisana Ohanashi", the priority level of the screen
was done as well as a real machine. Moreover, when starting, the mouse was
automatically connected. *The save file name of this game was changed from
"Nemurenumori no ..." to "Nemurenuyume no ...". Please rename an old save
- When "Magicoal" is started, "Memory Base 128 (MB128)" was automatically
removed. As a result, it came to be able to do "Save and Load" normally.
- In "Psychic Storm", if a fast CD-drive was used, the problem that the
screen occasionally fell into disorder momentarily when the stage began
was solved.
- When using it in "Windows Vista" environment, the amount of default of the
audio buffer has been increased a little. If the delay of the sound is
anxious, please reduce the buffer manually ("Setting->Audio" menu).
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
+ The execution file for "Windows 98/Me" was opened to the public. The
operation test is not done. Please see "Readme98.txt" in the ZIP file
about details and notes, etc.
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