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This is 2 days ago news, nobody post a news but here we go

2009/07/17 2.16 released
- The processing part of ADPCM voice was brought close to the movement of a
real machine. In "Seisenshi Denshou - Jantaku No Kishi -", the problem
that the voice had become interrupted (generated from v2.15) was solved,
and it has approached the utterance of a real machine.
- In the opening demo of "GALAXY Deka GAYVAN", the problem that the telop
display has fallen into disorder was solved.
- The operation timing was brought close to a real machine. In
"Moto Roader", the problem that the screen occasionally shook ultra
uncommonly was solved.
- When the setting of "Volume" menu is "Use Windows Default", it was
corrected that the volume was not restored when Ootake ended.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
Link PC Engine emulator "Ootake"
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