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2009/02/11 2.04 released
- The problem with the possibility of stopping uncommonly when CD-ROM was
accessed by the personal computer environment was corrected.
- When "Direct3D" is used, if the Net Surfin' etc. are done while sounding
BGM such as the games and hes with Ootake, the problem that the noise
occasionally entered BGM was solved.
- "Priority High" and "Priority Low" were added to "Setting" menu. if you
want to give priority to other background Windows applications, select
"Low". "High" to which BGM doesn't fall into disorder easily and operation
is steady is recommended usually.
- The CD-ROM of latter lot of "3 x 3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Hensei" came to be
- The speed and timing were brought close to a real machine. At stage
starting of Vega of "Street Fighter II'", the problem that one frame
screen occasionally fell into disorder was solved. In "Janshin Densetsu",
the problem that the status screen fell into disorder occasionally was
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
+ The execution file for "Windows 98/Me" was opened to the public. The
operation test is not done. Please see "Readme98.txt" in the ZIP file
about details and notes, etc.
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