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Here's the changelog:

- Processing that played the CD-DA sound source was brought close to a real
machine. In the 3rd stage of "Super Darius", the problem that the boss had
not appeared (generated from v1.65) was solved.
- The display processing of the video chip was brought close to the movement
of a real machine. In "Super Darius", the problem that sprite is not
displayed in one line under the score display was solved.
- In "CD Player (built-in System Card)", the bug that the last one track was
not occasionally played was corrected.
- When the CD-DA sound is played, the bug with the possibility of freezing
it by the PC environment was corrected.
- When "Screen->FullScreen Customize->FullScreen Resolution Auto Change"
menu is used, the bug that the game of 336 dot mode had not been correctly
occasionally judged was corrected. And, when 640x480 was set to
"Resolution<1>", the bug that it was not able to be used was corrected.
- In the personal computer environment that V-Sync cannot do, the tempo at
the game speed is stabilized more.
- When the resume function is used in the CD game, the CD game name is
displayed, too.
- The speed and timing were brought close to a real machine more.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.
+ I have an important news for the person who compiles(builds) the attached
source file and is using it. It is a switch of my development environment.
I will use "Visual C++(Visual Studio)" from the upcoming version (next or
the next). Therefore, the appended source code becomes it for "Visual
C++", too. It is likely to be able to compile even in the environment
before (gcc, MinGW) by a little correction. However, "Visual C++ Express"
is being distributed free of charge by Microsoft Corporation now. I think
that it compiles easily when it is used.
Get it here, people. :)

~Side Note: This is my 200th post! :D~
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