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As the title says, choose 1 (ONE) game that you would love to see remade or renewed from it's original.

The #1 on my list would be 1989's Stunts.

Unlike games like Need For Speed, where it's all about modifying/building your car, Stunts gives you a variety of car models to choose from but allows you to BUILD your own tracks. As the name implies, you can put stunts in the tracks like vertical and horizontal corkscrews, jumps, slaloms etc. On top of that, there were NPC's that you could race against as well with their own racing styles. This is by-far my favourite racing simulator of all time. :thumb::thumb:

All I really want to see is an updated graphics engine, and an updated car list. Keep the rest virtually the same. Somebody actually did attempt to make an updated version of it using DirectX and Direct3D, but it was HORRIBLY programmed. I commend him for trying, but he failed miserably.
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