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Once Again! Ffix Disk 2 Problems!

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OK, I don't know about you guys but when I play FFIX on my patched VGS on disk 2 it gets messed up. During some battles it won't let me attack the enemy. JUST MY OWN PARTY! This is totally screwed. Do I need another patch or something? Anyone else have theis problem?
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of course, KALISTO
ay, ay sir

KALISTO CD disc no.2 r broken (though in PSX just play okay)

well thats the best way.

KALISTO :laser:
I've had that problem before, using copied versions of the original discs. On some battles (1/20 of them) it gets messed up. The only thing you can do for them is run (although once it happened to me on a boss). The patched VGS also randomnly closed on me for no apparent reason, which was somewhat annoying. The first time I beat Hades (perfect battle, everyone alive, stole everything) it closed on me right after the battle. ARG!!
No patch? crap. I can't run. I have "The Orge" so flee is out of the question. I guess I can tolerat the dagger until disk 3. I'm about 3/4 through the second disk. Thanks. I could have spent hours trying to get a patch and find nothing.
I heard that there is a patch for FF9 KALISTO version at
poor little guy....but i'm facing the same problem too.....
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