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on my 3 year old pc i have graphics and sound issues in ff8!! WTF IS IT?!?!

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srsly, using a core 2 duo e6600 in conjunction with an ati x1650 pro should not yield this problem, so should i blame drivers, plugins, or v 1.70 itself? btw aero is off. I'll post a followup w/ actual pec video driver settings only if needed for clarification purposes.
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It's probably user error.

What plugins are you using?

What version of the plugins are you using?

What are the plugins' respective settings?

What game(s) are you trying to play?

What driver version are you using for your video card?
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You need to manually specify your VRAM. (Just click in the box and type it in)

Set 'Compatibility' to 1,2,2

You already have the correct game fixes turned on, so you're good there.:thumb:

EDIT: turn off the frame limit since ePSXe 1.7.0 has an internal limiter.
still sound errors
Use Eternal SPU.

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When ePSXe becomes too difficult to use, switch to pSX.
ePSXe isn't a multithreaded app. My old 850MHz AMD Duron processor had no problem with ePSXe 1.2.0 so it's not like it needs to be multithreaded.

Since you're using PEC, stop using it. Some cheat codes can break games and cause other various performance-related problems. Other than that, if you're using save states, save at an actual save point (or the world map), exit the game, restart ePSXe and continue from your game save.
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