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OMG So Hilarious! Need to see :)

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Being a big time gamer, I keep up to date on the latest games coming out and such. And this Tuesday, March 15th Sega is coming out with a new addition to it's Super Monkey Ball franchise called "Super Monkey Ball Deluxe" for the PS2 and XBOX. Which is rather odd considering SMB 1 & 2 are GameCube exclusive games on the console scene. But at the same time it makes sense so peeps with PS2 or XBOX can partake of the greatness of SMB. The site above is a little flash promotional site by Sega for the upcoming SMB Deluxe where some college freshman, Chad, was so into SMB Deluxe that he decided to live in a ball. Of course whether or not these are truly the "true" adventures of Chad is questionable. I'm not saying I believe it, well you know what I mean, who cares right? It's just a comedy bit that's so hilarious. I just happened to stumble upon this and thought I'd share with everyone. Enjoy!
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Cid Highwind said:
It's obvious these aren't 'true' adventures, just look at the ball. It's an inflatable ball so there only a limited amount of oxygen in it ;)
Nonetheless some of those video's are funny :D
I know, I was just trying to emphasize in my first post that I know these aren't true adventures or stories or whatever. But I suppose I did kind of a lousy job doing that, oh well.
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