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Old School Cheat Codes

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Is it possible in ePSXe to use the old cheat codes instead of Gameshark stuff? You know, like pausing first then holding down R1 then hitting up, circle, triangle, down, right, square, down for like 100 lives or something? I was trying some of those the other day and it didn't work and for that reason I can't tell if the emulator just plain doesn't do it or if I was doing it wrong. Could somebody please straighten me out on this?
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Those cheats are built into the game so the emulator has no effect on them.

They should work no problem...
Well I went back and tried some more and I know I was mashing the right buttons so how come they still don't work?
what are you using as an input device, your keyboard?
I'm using my Xbox 360 controller. I've matched the buttons to the exact same layout as PSX controller. I figured I might as well since they're both laid out in a diamond pattern.
Trouble is, input from the 360 controller is awful, especially the D-pad, so for example, you could be pressing up, yet the controller will input up and right diagonal, so the cheat won't be executed.

Goddamn that's an awful explanation, but yeah, try switching to the keyboard to input the cheat then revert back the the controller or something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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