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From the first seldom when incorporates with Wiimote and often the error "IPC COMMAND DISCONNECTED takes off..." Problems with counter FPS - speed of shots from 3 to 10, basically from 7 to 10, but in Dolphin svn 3260 speed was normal 0_о. In some games suddenly on the middle to game there is a black screen and to play it becomes impossible, failures of the character through structures and an environment as a result instant loss even before game start also have been noticed. The sound irrespective of whose it strongly brakes: DX or OpenAL.
Dolphin svn 3949 x64
OpenGL plugin:
OSD on,RealXFB on,Anisotropic 16x,Efb to Gl hack on
Dual Core on,idle skipping on,cheats on,HLE to Bios on,Jit Dynarec on,Lock theard to cores on,optimize quantizers on,LLE DSP to theard on,framelimit 60
Dsp hle plugin:
Dsound mode:dead:eek:O:???:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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