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old game search

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Hi all,

I'm actually going crazy looking for an old game, it came on a pcgamer demo disc (around 96-99) and I think it was called "scrap". It had very simple shading 3d, and you could call helicopters and tanks and stuff out of your fortress. I never heard whether the game finally went retail, and have been looking for it for ages. As you can guess, a name like "scrap" tends to bring up everything under google.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated! (I'm not sure how many people even played this!)

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Did it have an Egyptian theme to it? If so maybe you're looking for Scarab you can see some screenshots at Gamespot

They also have a demo of the game for download but being it's for an older game no idea if it would run on XP
unfortunately thats not it, it was a much older game, no textures or anything;;
i believe the menu screen had a bunch of corporate logos and they were talking about how corporations were fighting each other or something;

thanks for the reply tho!
Haha, this is similar to when I was trying to locate a game called 'Machines' 6 months ago... Let me tell you typing 'Machines' into google isnt exactly helpful either. I finally found the game for sale on Ebay with a search command like this:

"+Machines -terminator -micro -time -future -cuttlery -watch -kitchen -megaman -mp3 -console -garden" and there were a few other terms I shouldn't be saying here...

Anyways, good luck. I feel your pain.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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