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Old computers for sale

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This week we're selling a bunch of old computers via silent auction that have piled up over the years at my high school and I decided to post some pictures of it out of boredom :p. The list of computers for sale ranges from a Pentium I 75 MHz (in SzL's Windows System Properties thread) to another Pentium I, this time at 233 MHz, several AMD K6's at varying speeds (300-475), one Cyrix 6x86, lots of Pentium III's (both Slot 1 and Socket 370), one Pentium 4 1.8 GHz (Northwood, thank God), and three Macs (two PPC 604e 200 MHz, one PPC 604e 300 MHz). We also had several monitors laying around and 24 sealed copies of Mac OS 7.6 oO.

Pictures 1 and 2: Everything from that small monitor above the iMac box all the way to the right is being sold.

Picture 3: That flat shaped white and gray computer is the P1 75. The P3 600 I got looks the same as the tall white computer over on the left side of the picture with a small computer to the left of it.

Random picture 1 (picture 4): A monitor that fell onto the floor about a week or two ago. It still works but we're not selling it :p.

Picture 5: Those black Dells to the left aren't included in the sale.

Random picture 2 (picture 6): Our beloved Red Hat 9 box, identical to a few of the P3's being sold.

Pictures 9-11: Everything set up, ready for the sale.

Pictures 12-13: The outside and inside of one of the school's Dell computers (one is for sale). The case opens up like a book and the drives are on plastic rails, making it extremely easy to swap stuff out.
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heh, so many memories. those cases look so familiar (first few pics)...and Mac OS 7.6? i remember that, i remember the upgrade from 7.5 something to 7.6 was leet :p

and those dell cases? sooooo crappy. a nice idea...but really crappy execution. what are the specs of those Dells? are they the crappy ones with RAMBUS and all that lame stuff?
233 hmz? That's what I ran my PII at :lol: although it 350mhz
The one in the last two pictures (we have ~550 of them on campus) is a Dell Optiplex GX150. They have P3 933's, 128 MB PC133, 10 GB Maxtor HDD's, Windows 2000, and the Intel 815 chipset. They even have AGP slots :D. I don't think the cases are bad at all, it's very easy to swap out stuff very quickly, which is pretty important considering how busy we always are. They also have a really nice onboard 3com NIC :). On the first picture, the two towers to the middle-right with the wavy side are the PPC 604e 200's. We do have a couple of P4 Willamettes, 2.26 GHz P4 Northwoods, and even a Celeron Willamette or two but they're not in the sale :p.
my school has a crapload of P4 willamettes, like 1.8ghz or something, with their crappy little 15" monitors...ugh they are garbage :(
Man your tempting me with those used comps:).
ewwww willemante /me shivers while looking at old p4 case....gets idea for a linux box...
We've decided to extend the auction one more day to see if we can get any more bids or ones for higher amounts :p. We've only gotten bids on maybe half of our stuff, if that. Unless something changes tomorrow, none of the K6's, P1's, or Macs will be sold :(. On the good side, I got one of the Mac OS 7.6 copies for free ^_^. I'll hopefully be trying it out in Basilisk II in a couple of days.
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