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Okami now boots in 2712 and creates a save game and everything.
hangs during the intro I will try a saved game.

Edit I tried a saved game and it loads fine but you can not see anything besides the health bar and I get an error failing to create a pixel and a vertex shader.

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Okami Works!

Dolphin Revision: 4525

CD/DVD Drive1: E:

Processor Information:
GenuineIntel, 2 cores, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, 64-bit support

Plugin Information

Default GFX Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_VideoOGL.dll
Default DSP Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_DSP_HLE.dll
Default PAD Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll
Default WiiMote Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_Wiimote.dll

Current GFX Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_VideoOGL.dll
Current DSP Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_DSP_HLE.dll
Current PAD Plugin[0]: Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll
Current PAD Plugin[1]: Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll
Current PAD Plugin[2]: Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll
Current PAD Plugin[3]: Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll
Current WiiMote Plugin[0]: Plugins/Plugin_Wiimote.dll

Dolphin Settings

HLE the IPL: True
Use Dynarec: True
Use Dual Core: True
DSP Thread: True
Skip Idle: True
Lock Threads: True
Use Dual Core: True
Default GCM:
DVD Root:
Optimize Quantizers: True
Enable Cheats: True
Selected Language: 0
Memcard A: ./User/GC/MemoryCardA.EUR.raw
Memcard B: ./User/GC/MemoryCardB.EUR.raw
Slot A: 1
Slot B: 2
Serial Port 1: 255
Run Compare Server: False
Run Compare Client: False
TLB Hack: False
Frame Limit: 5
[Wii]Widescreen: True
[Wii]Progressive Scan: False

The most important thing is to have safe texture cache disabled and sonic and the black knight hack enabled. I get about 10fps in open GL, and about 5 fps extra with copy efb (hack) enabled instead of copy efb (real). I couldnt get it working in D3D even with sonic and the black knight hack enabled and safe texture cache disabled.

Have fun playing it at low fps with near perfect graphics and messed up text for now.:thumb:
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