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ok, what to emulate next?

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Ok, till now, ive tryed Neogeo, genesis, psx, GB, GBA, spectrum, Nes and Snes.
Any ideas on what to try now? if possible a kind of arcade but more advanced than Neo Geo
any suggestions are welcome :)
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er, is cps2 a goo thing? how is it?
is it newer than Neo Geo?
Dude u don't know CPS-2, shame on you;) for starters get the emu finalburn alpha v0.134, or winkawaks 1.20 at,
MAME = Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

The name says it all really. It can emulate approx 2500+ arcade machines. Including eg streetfighter 2 and Mortal Kombat.
sweet :) im gonna try it now :D
uh oh, loks like these CPS2 roms will be absolutely giant...
lol, lets see...
oh, their not so giant after all ;)
one question plz, if i want to play, lets say Street fightter alpha 3 do i justa have to import load and play the rom or do i have to use ay of those decription tables? and if so, how?
thkx :)
Depending on where you got the rom images from.... most sources out there already include the decryption table inside. You could actually check. If the archive already contains filename like sfj3ux.03 (well, basically with an 'x' near the end), usually means the decryption table is already there.
Emulate this for me:

- Rachel Leigh Cook
- Kirsten Dunst
- Eliza Dushku

--- or send me the real thing :cool:
don't forget Impact, the one for arcades similar to PSX hardware. it plays several older games and a few not as old ones like SF EX. similar(same?) plugin system to psx emus.

man i saw Carpool on TV the other day - starring teenage Rachel Leigh Cook! :love: :love: :D
Originally posted by takwu
man i saw Carpool on TV the other day - starring teenage Rachel Leigh Cook! :love: :love: :D
Rachel is mine! (yeah right) :D
Angelina Jolie Rulezzz m8s!!!!
oh, and if i need a decrytion table, i just have to put it in the zip to use it?
hey, Impact sound cool :cool:
oh, and one more question plz ;)
can i use the Roms Zipped like NeoRageX?
Neojag: if you need a decryption table, just put it in the zip archive. Also, I don't know about the other emulators, but for Finalburn, the roms have to be in a zip file... so no problems there.

And btw.... Rachel Leigh Cook is shweeeeeet!!!! Very shagadelic!! :love: :love: :love: :love:
thkx :)
er... ive DLoaded Street figher alpha 3 but i cant run it in any emu (ive also downloaded X-Men children of the atom and it works gr8!)
so, wich emu can play SFA3? can i use finalburn to play games that are not on the list?
Dude use the finalburn emu like I said before, put the zip rom (meaning rom and the XOR tables/ the thing that decryptes the game) into a folder named roms, and then load the emu:eyes:
i AM using finallburn, i AM playing games i just CANT play street fighter alpha 3 cause i think the game is NOT on the list!!!
Are you using finalburn alpha v0.134?!

if not get it here
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