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Ok, this is bugging me (GT&BOFIV)......

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I've experienced two major problems and two minor problems with Gran Turismo:
1. I can't save anything.
2. The game freezes (while the music is still playing) during license runs.
3. At the end of a race the music sounds messed up.
4. The title screen is nearly blank except for the selections.

My Specs and Plug-Ins are:

Pentium III 733e
Intel 815e motherboard
128 Megs PC133 SDRAM
OEM nVidia GeForce2 GTS DDR (32 Megs, D3 drivers v. 12.41)
Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value

Pete's OpenGL plugin v. 1.51
epsxe SPU core and CDR ASPI core.

Also, who plays the voice of Fou-lu in Breath of Fire IV, in the FMVs anyway? He sounds familiar.
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To stop the choppy sound try getting the latest null2 spu plugin,if that one doesnt work then try petes direct sound 1.10.
Also get petes cdr aspi 1.3.
U probably dont realise it but it isnt just the spu that affects the sound it is also the quality of the cd rom plugin.
Hope this helps
Anybody know what the problem is with the memory card?

Also, wasn't there a special cd rom fix for Gran Turismo?
about mem card:
press F4 after the "notice screen" fades away (when the opening MDEC starts)
Thx, I'll take note of that.

Now, my next question is: Who does Fou-lu's voice in BOF IV. Sounds familiar.
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