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Ok, here is my computer components, what is the best setting is suitable for me?

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AMD ThunderBird 1G MHZ
256 KingMax SDram
GeForce2 GTS 32M DDR ram
Creative Sound Blaster Live! Digital
IBM 307030 7200RPM Hard Drive
17'' View Sonic Monitor (NOT Flat)
MicroSoft SindWinder GamePad
Windows XP 2600 Retail

What's the best setting of ePSXe is suitable for my computer?
I mean including every setting, such as Video, Sound etc...

Thank you guys for help in advance!:)
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A Pete 's D3D/OpenGL gpu and a Eternal spu will suit you system!
half of the fun is figuring out what plugins and settings suit you. the other half is the joy of seeing them work through your own efforts. :) With your hardware it shouldn't be a pain to configure ePSXe.
The best config may vary sometimes according to the game you're trying to play.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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