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ok this is my current rig

mobo:m2n-mx se plus (nasty cheap board cant oc for crap)

cpu:amd 64 x2 [email protected]

gpu:8600gt 512mb

hdd:seagate barracuda 7200.10 250gb

psu:500w psu

cpu cooler:xigamatek hdt-sd964

case:sunbeamtech trio

now ive decided to keep my case, psu, and cpu cooler
and im going to get the following

cpu:amd x2 7750 [email protected] ghz(will oc)
mobo:asus asus m3n78-am
gpu:galaxy gf 8800gt 256mb
so what kind of performance benfits would i see in pcsx2 and games in general?

any suggestions you can make for different parts around the same price?(no i wil not go intel)

also parts have to come from here>OC Zone(NZ) Limited
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