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Oh my god help!

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My computer is crashing like crazy. :cry: :bow: I praise to anyone who can help me on this. I have 3 diferent virus probrams, and the all found one thing and SaD killed it. But now its worse. !HELP! This computer has so many ROMs and hardware on it. :cuss2: !PLESSE HELP ME!
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Um, we can't just wave a magic fix-it wand. You need to be more specific :rolleyes:.

Alright, im noth that much of a n00b. Ive tried almost everything, but do you have any suggestions? (i.e. removel program, i have SaD)
So, you need a program to remove viruses?

Try one of these:

Both of those are free virus cleaners.
Hey, thatnks man. I think the second one did it. Im gunna restart and see if its actin up.
Damn man i suggest you back up those roms really quick,wouldn't want to lose that kind of valuable data.Hope those free programs help you out though.
We need more information.

What OS are you using?
What error messages are you getting?
When did the problem started occuring?
What anti-virus program are you using?
What is the name of the virus are you detecting?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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