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Ogre Battle

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I am trying to run Ogre Battle, but the Game locks up after finishing a strage (the Fireworks start and keep running -- endlessly)

There was a thread some time ago concerning this , but no solution was found.

Has anyone any idea what settings can help me get over this problem?


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Did you check the compability List , most of the time the solution is there !
I did, the one here on NGEmu and the old one of NJ.

They say it runs just fine....


But not for me.... too bad....
I had it running at one time, but I forgot what my config was (back before I used epsxecutor) and haven't been able to duplicate it since, sorry. =(

We will look into it tonight and post the results and what plugins we used....
Gotta check this out for Roor anyways for AdriPSX
Well...there was nobody able to help me?

Now that's real poor...


Patience is a virtue....

The Watcher is experimenting with multiple settings and emulators... If you lose faith ..then so be it...We will continue to check for our own purposes though...
after playing the game for over 100 hours only to be butchered by my own soldiers in the ending, i think the game blows.

plus the enemy has unlimited soldiers and you have a fixed amount. its not a fair game.
I can tell you that it runs under bleem well enough at least.
Don't play such an evil character then. The guy wasn't asking for your opinion on the game either. And I have no idea where you get "unlimited supply" from. The enemy recruits at cities just the same way you do.

As far as progress goes....We are still trying to isolate the bug that does not allow you past the fireworks....This also occurs in FPSE which tells us it could be a common problem with Plugin using emulators...We will still be experimenting...gonna try using Interpretor mode in FPSE...also going to see if this problem occurs with every stage conquered...or if it only exists in the beginning...If this is the case perhaps the stage cab be passed using BLEEM, and the save converted to EPSXE or FPSE to progress...
I had similiar thoughts...

Same for Fpse here... i didn`t try Bleem or VGS yet. (Cause I don`t own them).

I think i've tried every config for Epsxe...


But thanks anyway.

As promised the Dark Watcher has figured out how to make Ogre Battle playable in not only EPSXE...but also AdriPSX, FPSE, and well it was always playable in Bleem... ;)

The fix is so simple that it had us banging our head in disbelief....
Before entering the final battle in each stage..Go into the Ogre Battle options menu and turn off the "Music" and "Animation" features before battling the boss...

You will not be able to hear the boss music (no biggie) or see the end stage fireworks (who cares)...but you will get past the firework glitch! can turn the music and animation back on through the rest of the game..

Enjoy....and glad to be of service... We will update compatibility reports at PSX Fanatics with our discoveries.
It really worked!
Thanks to you!

I never thought the game settings would have an effect on this...

Well - time to play!

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