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Ogre Battle Lockup After Battle

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Using ePSXe 1.4, Ogre Battle will lock up after I defeat the boss of a stage, it locks up on the fireworks, it just plays the fireworks animation over and over and never ends. My system is:

Windows ME
SB Live
384 ram
Pete's gpu 1.52
Iora's sound plugin
Pete's CD

Initially Ogre Battle wouldn't even load, it would display the OB: march of the black queen screen and freeze there, but if I waited long enough using Pete's D3D plugin it worked.

Btw, to any pyscho admins, dont get mad about this post, it is nice and wonderful, got it sxamiga? go abuse your power eslewhere...
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Bad mouthing sxamiga isn't going to get you very far in this forum, my inexperienced friend. He is the highly venerated elder statesman of ePSXe discussion board moderation and is known for his scrupulous fairness and good tempered bonhomie.

Please take your admin baiting elsewhere.
And your foolish posts help nothing...don't waste time posting pointless posts, bah! aimgosfx boy should delete you for silly antics.
It's my time, I'll waste it how I like (as it happens I'm currently at work and consequently have nothing better to do.)

My point was that if you want help it's a good idea to respect the board, and that includes its admins. This is particularly true of sxamiga, who is universally worshipped by the members here. It's kind of a condition of using the board (it's probably in the rules).
Respecting the board has nothing to do with this, sxamiga is a fool, he deletes posts and makes others look like idiots, that is all. So go play Ogre Battle and report back to me whether it works, ok? My feelings toward an admin should not matter, if I think he is foolish and abused his position, then that is what I think. Please refer to the topic about why 12 year olds shouldn't be admins...
You seem to have a mental block.

People will be unwilling to help you if you persist in insulting sxamiga. He is not a fool, he is a respected man and an extremely even-handed and helpful admin.

I, personally, have no intention of playing any game for you and seeing if it works until you stop acting like an idiot. I doubt anyone else will either.

Get it?
I must agree, your attitude of friendliness is really not keeping you in good standing with everyone here. As for Ogre Battle, try a different bios. I can't quite remember what it was that fixed it for me, but I believe using a different bios than the scph1001 did it. I don't have the game here right now so I can't test it sorry.
Oh geez not this again.:eyes: :rolleyes:
Brumbek, don't waste our time anymore. And don't try to insult our intelligence by acting like you think you're not at fault. You know exactly what you're doing and its on purpose as well. You even admitted to trying to annoy people in another thread.

sx/amiga abusing his admin power? If anything he's been way too forgiving of your annoying behavior.:mad:
I agree with Adair here. Politeness does help from time to time you know.
:) Let's just be friends. Thanks gerbilcannon, I will try a different BIOS, but 1001 and 7205 still don't work.

K, friends now, let's be nice.
This is silly for me to be so mean. I was silly and got mad when sxamiga closed my old post, it was just me being bad. So I am sorry for acting like a jerk, lets just move on if we can, I know we have all acted poorly when we get mad, so anyway, I am sorry and such, I don't really hate any of you, I mean this is just a forum, all our lives will go on no matter what happens here, so I am sorry for being foolish.

Now on to more important matters :). I have tried various bios images: 1000, 1001, 5000, 5500, and 7205 and none of them help, they all work, except 1000 caused ePSXe to crash. So anyway, does anyone else have a problem after you beat the boss of the stage? Once again, at the fireworks, they just repeat over and over and the battle music starts to play after a while...

Btw, on Wormie's big compatibility list, Ogre Battle is shown to work, but the person who posted it also says to use the Soft driver because Ogre Battle is just 2d, which is NOT true, the battle scenes and sprites are greatly helped by 3D stuff.
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Sure, I'm willing to give second chances. And to think I was just about to make you the first ever member to go in my ignore list. I'm glad it didn't come to that.
Just to let everyone know, PCSX also does the same thing, the game runs just fine, yet it stops at the fireworks once you beat a stage. This makes me sad, no one can be of any help?
Nice save, Brumbek, quick turnaround there... anyway, if it crashed at the same point with a different emu, it's probably your CD. try making an ISO and see what happens.
iso doesn't help

Using an ISO instead of a CD still doesn't help. :( It still just sits at the fireworks forever. This makes me sad...anyone else have any ideas?
If you can be patient til I get my cd back then I'll see if I can remember how I fixed it. Have you tried f4 as well? Do it right before the end of the stage, not while the fireworks are going otherwise I don't think it'll take.
f4 doesn't help

I just tried F4 and it doesn't help it seems. I did it at various parts before the fireworks. Do I want it enabled/disabled? Either way it didn't seem to help. I can be patient since it seems my only option. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. So...any more ideas out there? :)
I just tried a bunch of other emulators and they all do the same thing at the fireworks, I posted a nice complete post about this on the general emulation page, I would be very glad if you would read this post and comment if you have any ideas.
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