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Official Xbox 360 Controller With DuckStation

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I've been using DuckStation for awhile now and I'm wanting to use a genuine official Xbox Wired 360 Controller, I would really like to know just which one of the Controller Types in the settings do you use for it, because I really don't know nor have any idea which one it is.

Thank You

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Analog controller.
thank you for replying to my question,

are you sure it's that one and not like the digital one?
Yes, analog controller refers to comptroller with sticks, digital refers to controllers without sticks, you maybe to young to know this bit back in the day gamepads didn't have analog sticks just the dpad and buttons, heck the first gamepad didn't even have shoulder buttons.

Also be aware that a lot of PS1 games don't support the sticks, PS1 was when the sticks were more or less introduced so support was hit or miss, if the game tells you that there's no controller connected you have to switch to digital =.
oh okay right thank you for letting me know about this wouldn't have really known about this completely till you mentioned it and yes and do know about that I've been playing video games since the early 90's and had consoles such as the Sega Mega Drive so I know all about game pad controllers with no sticks on them, and yes I know all about them I have an original Atari 2600 in the house.

yes I know all about that, that when the PS1 came about analog sticks where still very much in the developing stages and not a lot games were really all that programmed to use them I just hope Final Fantasy, the Driver games, Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter and the likes work with them, been awhile since being on them I can't remember haha

and oh right okay will keep that in mind if it doesn't get read on The Analog Controller settings option thank you.

and also one other thing I should have brought up in/with this is that the original Xbox 360 will work on this Emulator that's primarily for PlayStation 1 games and should be okay to use on all of the other PS Emulators, won't it?

thank you again for all of you time, help and information.
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