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Official Nemu64 INI 2.4.0

EmuManiac just released a new version of his <a href="" TARGET="_blank">official Nemu INI</a>. The INI contains useful informations about compatibility with games and helps you, to quickly find out of a game is supposed to run. Here're the changes coming with this version :<ul><li>changed a few comments
<li>Gamebooster 64 v1.1 (NTSC) = Doesnt Work
<li>Gamebooster 64 v1.1 (PAL) = Doesnt Work
<li>Gameshark v2.0 = Doenst Work
<li>NFL Blitz Special Edition (USA) = Partially Working
<li>Pro Action Replay 64 v3.0 = Doesnt Work
<li>Razor Freestyle Scooter (USA) = Playable
<li>The Powerpuff Girls Chemical X-traction (USA) = Playable</ul>You can download the official Nemu64 INI v2.4.0 by clicking <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=76&id=15">here</a>. For more infos about this one, check out EmuManiac's <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Nemu page</A>.
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