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odd Vista 32 with epsxe plugin question.....

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No one else has the same problem precisely:

I tried setting up 1.6 and then 1.7 on my toshiba a205 satellite laptop. Now, I got it all good except for the plugins for video and so on. All the plug ins are for other graphic cards (Nvidia, etc). My laptop came with a Intel GMA 950 video card with up to 256 MB shared memory and you can NOT replace them as they are connected to the motherboard and so on. Or so I was told.

What plugins should I use for this, then? I remember 2 years back when I first got my lappy here (and was running 1 G of mem instead of the 2.5 I have now) and silent hill 1 and the 1.6 version of epsxe worked kinda fine. a little laggy but I was still tweaking the setups for frame rate, etc. I ended up taking it off because I felt I'd not need it.

Famous last words. Two years later, I want it back. Figured I knew how to set it up and so on; no plugins from pete are compatible in 1.6 or 1.7 and I'm not sure who else to try.

Any help would rock! Thanks all!
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onboard video should work fine with the software, d3d, or OGL1 plugins.
Thanks! I'll give those a shot. Are they found under Pete or somewhere else? There are so many plugins by so many different folks.....
all can be found on pete's site.
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