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Odd Problem ( Svideo Or win dvd. one of them)

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For some reason when i hook up my svid to my tv and open windvd, it Switches my resolution 720x480 ???? didnt know that resolution existed. but its not doing it with power dvd. dont really like to use that software that much. Could It be something with my RF modulator or something else that Windvds not liking? because if My Svid cable Not on and unplugged windvd acts normal oO
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Is there resoloution settings in WinDVD perhaps for TV out?
Try enabling hte HW acceleration and disabling hte fixed aspect ratio.
I think fixed aspect ratio had something to do with it, because ones i unchecked that and hooked my svid up and turned it on. i was able to change the tv out resolution to where windvd doesnt change the resolution all the time. nways, thx kane.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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