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Ocarina of Time

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Hi, this is my first post, so I hope i'm not posting in the wrong place or anything.

I'm trying to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time.

Can anyone recommend a good emulator with good settings because i am not familiar with N64 emulators. From what i've seen so far, project64 looks like the best thing out there, but i dont know if i should use project64k or not and if the default plugins are the best option.

Thanks :cool:
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use Project64 1.6
The Legend of Zelda plays flawlessly on it :)

you can also try 1964 which is an excellent emulator also
1964 or project64

Well, they look almost the same. But I saw this guy's list of all the best settings you can use for all games on 64, and he says 1964 is better for this game. And on 1964 it DOES look a little better than on project64, i compared them and found out project64's graphics are a little unclear and you can see that as soon as the nintendo title shows up.

The major problem now is pausing. The pause screen is WAY too slow, i tried going into the cheats menu and fix the subscreen delay like he said but I can't find that option.
The only problem besides that is that the nice title screen music is a little skippy. So how can I find the exact plugin this guy recommended? I tried going to the downloads/plugins section and i looked it up on google and nothing. Can anyone help me find it? It might remove the skipping. It's called:

Azimer's HLE v.0.55.1 Alpha

I'm inside the Deku tree now, looks like this game is really good as they say. ;)

Any help is appretiated. Thanks.
get that plugin at it's in the sound plugin area at the bottom of the page.
"The pause screen is WAY too slow, i tried going into the cheats menu and fix the subscreen delay like he said but I can't find that option."

Project 64 has that fix in the cheat menu, and the new release fixes that anyway.

BTW, if 1964 is really better for you, what are your hardware specs?

Well, I just opened them up both at the same time and compared the images. They looked EXACTLY the same for 3D stuff, but as soon as i got to Link's room, the background looked slightly better on Project 64 and when i pressed start to compare them, BIG difference.

Nineteen64 took 5-6 seconds, and project 64 took barely 1 second. But I tried all audio plugins on project 64 and nothing works except for something labeled (Old Driver) and THAT was skippier than the audio plugin i had on 1964. If I could fix the audio on project 64 I'd start using it immediately. But the problem is i've gotten far in the game now and I'm playing as grown up link and i'm trying to free the fire sage and I don't know if I can use the save states from 1964 on Project 64.

I thought the in-game saves were placed on the ROM file, but when I run the same rom on project 64, I get no saves.

Any help is appretiated,

btw my hardware specs are P4 2.0 GHz, GeForce FX 5200, 768 MB Ram.
I have the perfect setup now and all video and sound work without a glitch on Project64 1.6 and I managed to get the save files into Project64. I just found the .rsa files from 1964 and put them in Project 64's directory.

I'm stuck in the water temple though, it's really tough and I screwed up and raised the water level to the top without using an arrow to open up the second floor locked door. So I'm trying to fix it but I don't think it can be fixed. Is there a way to reset the temple? I don't have a save of a point, well I have 1 but it's too far away.
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